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Better Your Career.
Save Our Planet.

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Why Global Energy?

This is where an opportunity of a lifetime exists

Unlimited Earning Potential

Our industry leading payment structure provides our reps with unlimited earning opportunity. Not only do we offer the highest commissions, we are also the first solar company to offer residual income.

Leads on Auto Pilot
We have built out online lead generation that is better than the best ad agencies in the world so you can always be flush with leads.
Everybody Wins

Solar is the first time you can help people save money, help them save the environment, AND make a ton of money. It’s a win-win-win product.

Continual Learning
We have comprehensive training that is ever-growing. We host live trainings daily, and have hours of pre-recorded content for you to hone your skills.
Career Advancement

We have built a performance-driven growth model that provides reps with a path to make their seven-figure dreams come true.

Help Change The World

We are a team of focused individuals with one thing in common: creating a better earth through renewable energy.

How To Get Started

Our hiring process is designed to be smooth and easy – allowing reps to start closing deals in their first 10 days.